Meet Ron Rojo

Speaker | Author | Coach

Author of the bestselling book
“See Change Clearly”.

Meet Ron Rojo

Speaker | Author | Coach

Author of the bestselling book
“See Change Clearly”.


Customized, inspirational, multi-media keynotes created specifically for your audience.


Author of Amazon New Release Best-Seller, See Change Clearly


Helping you navigate change, overcome adversity and increase personal performance

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Facing adversity is the common human experience, yet it can cut you down if you’re not ready to tackle it head-on. Fortunately, there are ways to stay calm and focused and build a powerful sense of self while you’re navigating through chaos.

Find out valuable tips and tactics that will enable you to assess and handle obstacles as you adjust smoothly to whatever change is coming your way.

In See Change Clearly, Ron helps you leverage adversity for a positive outcome and create an authentic personal culture. 

About Ron Rojo

Ron Rojo

Ron Rojo’s extensive leadership experience comes from a variety of career and life experiences. As an executive, he has managed hundreds of employees, and navigated a half a billion dollar budget.

Ron’s engaging talks come from the heart. And that makes it easy to connect to any audience. Instead of empty catch phrases that pollute many corporate events, Jacob’s authentic stories resonate with audience members looking to be inspired and even challenged.

Ron is a highly effective speaker, author, and coach that works with clients like Mattel, FedEx, Hyundai Capital, and so many others to inspire audiences with his speeches, tailored to each client. No cookie cutter approach can work in today’s fast-paced world. So Ron takes time to know the individuals coming to listen to his story. That’s the only way to be that old friend that helps them tackle today’s challenges for tomorrow’s edge.

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…he is genuine, passionate, authentic...
Ann Matz
SVP & Manager Barbie - Mattel, Inc.
Beth Sunds
Founding Dean
An invaluable perspective to our health care professionals.”
Western University
Dr. Misty A. Lob, MD
Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs

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